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OG Pearly Minnow 85mm - 14.3gr

OG Pearly Minnow 85mm - 14.3gr

The OG Minnow is a so-called heavy-sinking lure allowing it to reach great casting distances as well as to fish deep. Its atypical and dynamic action perfectly imitates an injured and struggling fish. Its animation consists of bringing it back to linear coupled with small strokes of dry tips, it will then twist in all directions and drive the fish crazy. oscillate flants on flants.


Mother-of-pearl has been used by trolling lake trout fishermen on alpine lakes for decades, its reflections, its flashes, its colors make mother-of-pearl a formidable tool for salmonid fishing. Here you will find 5  different models designed by me:

- the Salvelinus color for clear waters

- The superb Salar color for dark weather and/ou  for troubled waters.

- the Yamame color for clear waters, low water periods and wary fish.

- The Alfarras  top color at the start of the season, also very good by dark times/troubled waters.

-  The Rainbow Trout color very effective in cold water and slightly stung water. 


Depending on the angle of reverberation of the light, the mother-of-pearl can take on reflections of many different colors, enough to trigger the aggressiveness of the fish.


The mother-of-pearl chosen for these colors comes from New Zealand, more commonly called Paua Shell, it is known to have the most colors and reflections. 

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