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Our history

  Buying Lure Discount is betting on efficiency 

Lure Discount was born from a personal reflection on the world of fishing. Indeed, nowadays, not everyone can afford to fish with big brand lures at very often exorbitant prices. 


I have been fishing since I can stand, from the shore and all species. A shore fisherman is more often exposed to the loss of lures at the water's edge than a boat fisherman. It's not uncommon for me to lose five lures in a day on the river. When you see that   the majority of hard lures on the market cost more than twenty euros each, fishing can become a very expensive passion.


Far too often the design of a lure is   premier to sell rather than get the angler to catch fish. We focus more and more on aesthetics rather than efficiency. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that a fisherman takes pleasure in the purchase by buying sublime lures, with more and more realistic colors.

However, on Lure Discount you will certainly not find the most attractive lures on the market, but you will indeed find the best quality-effectiveness-price ratio.  

 Lure Discount represents the result of a year of reflection and testing of lures in terms of solidity, swimming action and colors to offer you for sale only the best and the best price.


We are not a dropshipping site, Lure Discount is an e-commerce site that only offers in-stock items for sale in order to deliver to you as soon as possible. We do not sell an item that is not in stock. 

Our range of products will continue to evolve, we are constantly looking for new quality products. 

The Lure Discount team always recommends that you change your original hooks on the lures and replace them with others that are stronger and have better sharpness.

Here, you have the possibility to customize the color of your lures, contact us and we will work together so that you get the color you need.

At Lure Discount we want you to make the most of your beautiful passion of fishing without your financial health taking a hit.

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