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Torpedo Pearly UV 30/25/20gr

Torpedo Pearly UV 30/25/20gr

The undulating Torpedo  is available in 3 weights: 30/25/20gr and each time in two different colors. The name Torpedo comes from the fact that these launch extremely far.


These undulating are therefore pearly and coupled with many Chartreux or Orange UV points.

I developed these undulating after many very conclusive tests on trout and salmon, they allowed me to catch a lot more fish when the fish were difficult and follower. 


No need to develop 50 colors, these two following allow me  to compensate for all situations:

  • The 'Grinch' ' colorway is super productive in dark weather and/or murky water, a black covered silver body with streaks to keep some flash
  • The "Fajitas " color is super productive in sunny weather and/or clear water, a completely gold body on which the nacre 


The animation consists of a linear to which we can add more or less ample twitches for the offset and maximize the triggering of the fish.

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